ICDST provides high-quality unique services that are rare out there or available at high costs. We provide these services based on online APIs designed to receive post request and deliver the response after correct processing.

Type Setting

LaTeX as a high-quality typesetting system is now widely used; it includes many interesting features designed for the production of technical and scientific documentation. ICDST provides APIs to convert LaTeX to MS Word document and vice-versa.

1- LaTeX to MS Word document (docx file format) - $500/month (1 conversion per minute.)

2- MS Word document to LaTeX - $500/month (1 conversion per minute.)


Search Engines' Search Results

We provide search results of almost all search engines in the form of csv files.

3- Search results - $1000/month (100,000 request per month)


Online Transactions

At the moment, this unique service is available only to Iranian banks. ICDST is now among few companies in Iran that is able to deliver such service. This system lets webmasters to pay to their users or to receive money online.

4- Money transactions: Less than $100, 0.1% commission is calculated. For +$100, up to 1%. Please contact for more details.


You must contact us via info[@]icdst.org. Please make sure before any purchase. At this time there's no discount for purchases longer than 1 month.