ICDST has decided to crawl and index OA content, mostly scientific articles, in order to build a comprehensive repository database for further usage by people. To check a list of unedited files, please check here, and remember that you can add your journal articles and other citable materials in this archive. Just send us the link containing your pdf documents representing an article. 

Notes: The ICDST repository may be restricted in some regions due to international traffic costs or even copyright issues, including notices and suggestions we receive from the DMCA. Please contact us if you would like to unlock access to our download repository in your country/region through donations that cover a portion of our traffic and storage costs.  This allows us to keep the project free for all users, as storage and traffic costs for an ever-growing online library force us to decide which regions should have free access due to their lower average download volume, and which states might be restricted due to large download volume.