The International Center for Development of Science and Technology (ICDST) is a private self-funded non-governmental society consisted of experts in different fields trying to give educational and scientific services in the form of Open Access technologies to scholars, students and academics globally. You can check our Pdf repository which intends to give free access to useful OA contents while letting authors to add their own research items too. 


All members of the ICDST have verifiable emails from the domain, therefore we do not endorse those who list themselves as ICDST members elsewhere on social media. We also do not endorse conferences other than those listed on our website. 


The International Center for Development of Science and Technology was established in 2012 for the purpose of bringing a bright medium between web based services of academy type and readers who are the consumers of such products. In relationship with other organizations such as research institutions, knowledge based organizations, companies, and other foundations, ICDST offers a variety of plans to keep and promote educational based programs for the good of research development. Now ICDST provides high-quality services including academic services at economical costs. Please visit here for more info.


-ICDST publishes scholarly journals in different academic topics, and at this moment, only electronic version of articles are available for download online.

-ICDST publishes latest news in its blog.



-Please check our latest data mining project called MySearch (ICDSTSE) from here.

-If you have invested with us, use the following links to schedule your deposits/withdrawals of stock investments: Convert between calendars from convert calendar, and use Gregorian, Shamsi, and Ghamari calendar with events from taghvim.


-The AI Grammar Correction service is a machine learning project developed by the ICDST AI group (led by Dr. Vahid Rahmati) to correct grammar mistakes.

-The AI Predict is a machine learning model used for numeric data predictions applicable in many fields.

-The AI language is also a machine learning project used for detection of over 300 languages from text.


You can purchase these services if you want to have unlimited access. We are happy to inform you that ICDST group and its members are ready to work on your AI projects at affordable prices.


-Expanding high quality knowledge creation based on open access using state-of-the-art technologies

-Improving the availability of knowledge based on web technologies and smart devices

-Improving scientific research by providing alternatives such as AI-based learning


-Scientific creativity by quality publishing standards
-Bringing equal chances of publication for all countries

-Using OA standards in knowledge extension and creation


-Scientific development based on research
-Bridging scientific ideas for enhanced educational resources and online information
-Sponsoring and paying for economical projects defined based on a proposal