The ICDST has always been innovative and has always adapted to the latest technologies and applied the latest techniques and methods. The weather modification service or the PURE WATER FOR ALL (PWFA) project is our brand new service designed to address water scarcity or drought as well as hazards from severe weather systems and atmospheric disasters, including floods. 

What do we provide?

ICDST's engineers are among the top scientists in their field. Moreover, we believe that water shortage is one of the most important challenges facing humanity. In this regard, we have started our studies on how weather systems can be changed and how they can be controlled to provide clean water to everyone. In other words, this service is an online workshop that helps people, companies working in this field and also government agencies address such hazards. In our online workshops, we teach new engineers in this field about the latest techniques, some of them our own, to work the weather for a better future.  Interested parties should sign up via email: info{@} and pay for a ticket to participate in our online workshop.


Why do we do that?

We believe in our moto PWFA (PURE WATER FOR ALL)! We cannot see some countries stealing from large pure water resources available in the atmosphere. We want to educate governments to provide prosperity to their people. Since water supply plays a major role in sustainable development, we want to provide people with inexpensive and new techniques to increase their rainfall and even stop floods. Because we have some private patents that are not yet published, we need good investments for this project. But if people around the world donate a lot of money to us, we will make these techniques free for poorer countries [Updated 2/16/2023]. For now, governments, who have a lot of access to financial resources, are invited to participate in our online seminars and workshops. We believe that the cost of participating in such workshops, which are crucial for long-term and sustainable development, is still too cheap for our target audience.

How can you participate in such workshops?

First, we offer workshops for ordinary people, businesses and governments. The cost and level of information shared for these three categories differ. So if you are an individual interested in participating in such a workshop, you have to pay 500$. Participants will be given some documents after the workshop so that they can review the content. Each level also contains the content of the previous levels, so it is not repeated below:

1- Individual ticket (for everyone): 500$

Contents: What is the weather system, How do we know if we can change the weather, How do we read weather maps, How can we reduce or increase precipitation regionally, What equipment should we buy, Is it legal or in compliance with the rules to use weather modification systems?

2- Company tickets (for every company up to 5 participants): 10,000$

Additional contents: What permits do we need to start such projects, How can we develop the required technologies ourselves, Can we transfer technologies elsewhere, How can we use ICDST PWFA licenses to start our work, How can we stop floods on demand, How can we change atmospheric pressure levels regionally, How do we stop severe weather systems near ocean sides, How can we manipulate weather in deserts?

3- Governmental tickets (for every country up to 10 participants): 30,000$

Additional contents:  What are the deeper insights on climate change, global warming, and the greenhouse effect, How to build cities for sustainable water supply, How to make money exporting water, What are the advantages of weather modification techniques compared to salt water purifiers, What are the international responsibilities for weather modification systems, Why should countries embrace new technologies including the ICDST PWFA project, The future of water supply and a war on water, How to shift from high humidity to dryness and from dryness to humidity with proper timing, How to avoid potential conflicts on rain absorption systems with neighboring countries, How can you buy our weather modification systems and hire our engineers, How are weather modification systems weaponized, A brief history of weather weapons, How can the ICDST train engineers to use weather modification modules and systems, How can you partner with ICDST Inc. for your long-term regional climate change adaptation, How free online support guides customers?


We hope that governments around the world understand the importance of weather modification systems and how they are used today. This technology is no longer a secret to ICDST engineers and we are willing to share knowledge. We cannot allow certain countries to overuse pure water resources available in the atmosphere and drought elsewhere. We cannot guarantee that all technology will remain secret, however, we won't publish any document online, instead we contact corresponding ministries and provide them with technical documents. Our technologies are useful even for the poorest countries in the world because they depend on basic equipment. Moreover, we don't share information about countries using our services. We believe in humanity and want science and technology for all. In addition, these fees may be provided at some discount for certain countries, so please contact us if you are unsure of your financial estimates. We prefer to talk to government agencies, including ministries dealing with this issue. In addition, there will be a free online support channel for our customers to assist them with any issues they may encounter.