ICDST together with research tech-owners has developed its own search engine (SE) to fulfill the need for searching mostly in scientific articles and books based on open access technologies. The ICDST Search Engine ICDSTSE known as Mysearch ® is publicly available for global users.

Technical information:

15 dedicated servers with the following capacity each:

Crawl rate: 1GB/Min
CPU: E3-1230
HDD: 2x1TB

Project budget funded by Ayandeh Samin Electronics/ICDST.

Please participate in our project by:

1- Donating server clocks based on our private/encrypted script--you will need to give us FTP user/pass of your server (The server must be a fast one!)

2- Advertising for this project

3- Reporting technical issues/bugs

4- Developing dedicated Quick-Index methods


Please send your query and feedback to info{@}icdst.org.