Update 11/06/2023: As fears grow due to the volatility of the Tehran Stock Exchange and possible deeper declines and high inflation rates of the Iranian economy, and the possible implementation of inflation control by freezing investors' assets , as of today 06/11/2023, we have sold all members shares and reinvested them in cryptocurrencies and foreign currencies. The ICDST crypto trading system also uses algorithmic trading to maximize the profit margin for our investors. This policy is based on the decision we have made to ensure that the upcoming political situation does not create problems for our members. We would rather invest and trust in a free economy like properties like cryptocurrencies than in highly controlled corrupt markets. As long as this continues, we will not risk our funds. There are several reports of market manipulation that our prediction systems also verify, indicating high risk factors associated with this market. Please contact us from the Investment Dashboard if you have any questions.


Good news for investors who want to invest again with ICDST organization. We have resumed our investment activities as high hopes are pinned on the upcoming economic and business meeting of our group that took place in Tehran, Iran. We are ready to resume your investments. We thank you very much for your patience. 


2023 Investment profits:  X%

2022 Investment profits: 35%

2021 Investment profits: 32%


The ICDST accepts and expands new and previously established projects. The projects consist of a wide variety of companies in need of working capital. The ICDST has begun to give interest to those who invest in its projects. Last year, with an interest rate of 40%, we obtained a good income. For 2020, a margin of 21%(-14, previously 35 expected) is expected. Please check this page for updates on this figure. Please invest with us and earn while helping our company and related businesses grow continuously.


What you need for your investment:

1- Your valid passport or ID card

2- A transferable fund (after validation)

3- Some time to earn your income! (after validation)

4- Be resident in a country that is not sanctioned/prohibited by IRI. (We cannot accept money from certain countries that are blacklisted by IRI).


Please note carefully that after reviewing and validating your documents, we will contact you and give you step-by-step instructions on how to pay your money to us. We will give you a valid receipt guaranteeing the return of the main fund + a marginal interest rate of 20% after 1 year. If you decide to get your money back earlier than the agreed date, you will have to wait at least 3 business days to receive your money plus some interest depending on your patience. The user/pass of the private dashboard will be sent to you after validation of your personal information.


All conversion rates are in IRR. In other words, we are not responsible for currency fluctuations, and since our company works in IRI, it is your duty to check such variations and decide when to deposit your money to us and when to refund it.


We will do our best to maximize your interest and convince you to hold your fund for more years which will gradually add to your fund. Obviously, your investment will approximately double in 3 years in the main currency of IRR after conversion. Pay close attention and make a careful decision. The countries with less exchange rate fluctuations with respect to IRR are encouraged to work with us. However, we try to inform our users about when it is a best time to deposit more and return their money after contacting us. Currently, there is no restriction for investors from any country, so feel free to contact us for more info. 


Send your request to our business correspondence at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the email title "invest with ICDST."


We are the best in educational and business services, and we guarantee a long-term partnership with you.


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 Note: As the Iranian stock market is currently very unstable, declining and always red, we cannot accept new investors at this time. So please do not contact us about this.  (This message was issued in 2020 and is still ongoing in 2021 because the markets in Iran are still unstable, so we cannot risk your funds. We will start earning your funds again for a great investment soon after a stable market is reached).