Huawei’s Supercomputer breaks a world record with artificial intelligence

The Peng Cheng Cloud Brain II, a supercomputer developed by Huawei and Peng Cheng Laboratory (PCL) that carries software and hardware with artificial intelligence (AI), broke a record and won two world wide-scale entry and exit championships.

According to the latest IO500 ranking from the International Supercomputing Conference (ISC21), the input and output power of this computer’s overall system is nearly 20 times that of the runner-up.

The supercomputer is capable of collaborating in artificial intelligence research and exploration, such as computer vision, natural language, autonomous driving, intelligent transportation, and smart healthcare.

It features a Huawei Atlas 900 artificial intelligence cluster powered by Huawei Kunpeng and Ascend 910 processors. The Atlas 900 completes training of a ResNet image classification model in 59.8 seconds, 10 seconds faster than the previous world record with the same precision.

The Atlas 900’s powerful computational capabilities offer a difference when it comes to collaborating on scientific research and technological innovation, as well as astronomical exploration, weather forecasting, autonomous driving and even oil exploration.

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