Huawei presents the Arcfox Alpha S: its first model of electric and autonomous car

This is AI, this is technology, this is art, this is love, this is the Arcfox Alpha S, the first Huawei’s electric car! At the Shanghai Motor Show, The giant tech group Huawei presented its electric car, the Arcfox Alpha S. The Chinese brand got ahead of other technology groups by announcing on April 17, this model developed with the help of the group, Beijing Automobile Industry Co (BAIC).


Extensive use of new technologies
The Arcfox Alpha S will be equipped with a Kirin 990A chip, also used in other Huawei products, and in particular some of the brand’s smartphones. Kirin 990A uses 4 Taishan V120 cores (small) + 4 cores based on ARM V7A series. The Vortex A55GPU part uses Mali-G76. The chip also includes Huawei’s own Da Vinci architecture computing power microchips. The presence of the Kirin 990A chip aims to develop artificial intelligence in the car and allow a connection to 5G thanks to the modem integrated into the chip.

This first model will offer a level 3 autonomous driving system. This level is the first of the six levels of autonomy which considers that the car can only depend on itself to operate. The vehicle will support three levels of autonomous driving including the NCA mode which takes into account, thanks to a preinstalled card, various points in order to achieve automatic driving. Other driver assistance technologies are also present in the vehicle.

Compete against Tesla in the future
Among the other technologies that can be found in the car, we can note a 12-speaker system or the presence of a 21-inch 4K touch screen, based on HarmonyOS . Thanks to this platform developed by Huawei and Android, this touch screen will have everything of an integrated smartphone. A multitude of navigation and entertainment applications will be offered.

In order for it to function, the Arcfox Alpha S will be equipped with a 93.6 kWh lithium-ion battery allowing it to display up to 708 kilometers of autonomy. It will be accompanied by a fast charger to recover 195km of range in ten minutes.

Currently, the arrival of Huawei on the electric car market is also correlated with the Chinese firm’s desire to dethrone Tesla, which is already very present on the market.

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