Huawei is already preparing the deployment of 6G!

Huawei is already working on 6G while 5G is still in its infancy . Anxious to maintain its leadership in the field of network infrastructures, facing rivals such as Ericsson and Nokia, the Chinese group has opened a major test laboratory reserved for the 6G network in Canada.

Huawei has just opened a 6G test laboratory in Ottawa (Canada), report our colleagues from MyDrivers. Apparently, the firm has already started to develop the standards of this future network based on the already existing 5G technology.

The Canadian research center works hand in hand with 13 universities and research institutes and has a budget of $ 50 million. Thanks to this substantial investment, the firm hopes to maintain its lead in the network infrastructure market. Huawei is indeed the leader in 5G, with 50 commercial contracts worldwide , ahead of Nokia and Ericsson. The group has even filed 20% of total patents related to 5G technology. This leadership is due to significant investments from the inception of the network, and by 2009 Huawei had invested up to $ 600 million in 5G.

Unsurprisingly, Huawei specifies that research on 6G is still in its infancy . The first steps of the technology will not take place before 2030. By then, the 5G network will have been deployed all over the world. According to Huawei, 58% of the world’s population will be covered in 5G by 2025 , which is equivalent to 2.8 billion people.

Moreover, Huawei is not the first company to take an interest in the advent of 6G a little in advance. Last June, Samsung opened a 6G research and development department in Seoul (South Korea). What do you think ? Share your opinion in the comments.

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