Ido-data cuts average rescue time by three with the Dial at sea warning system

IoT and healthcare

Head to CES in Las Vegas for Ido-data, a start-up from Lyon that publishes Dial, an individual alert and localization solution at sea for those practicing nautical activities. With its futuristic design imagined by the famous Philippe Stark, the bracelet should seduce lovers of the waves and the beautiful.


Winner of several innovation awards including Graines de Boss, the 5th edition of the French IoT or the Victoires de l’ Innovation , the start-up created in August 2016 is already on the rise. ” At the start, the two founders Antonin Carlesso and Yannick Toquet had in mind to create a bracelet to prevent children from getting lost on the beaches , says Clara Fresnel, marketing and communication manager at Ido-data, then exchanging with rescuers at sea – Yannick being a spearfisher – they quickly wanted to expand to a wider audience . ”

Tested all summer by a thousand rescuers at sea from the SNSM (Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer) spread over 260 rescue stations in France, the bracelet contains a tag connected to a multi-operator SIM card, capable of choosing the best network depending on its location, up to more than 20 km from the coast. It is enough for the practitioner of paddle, kitesurf, windsurfing or even small coastal yachting, to choose a referent person, and to this one to install the application on his mobile phone. Once the alert has been triggered, a notification is sent to the application and the referent can in one click share the information with the nearest aid station. ” Dial allows you to be found in less than 30 minutes, the system divides the average rescue time by three”, notes Clara Fresnel.


Today, the solution is marketed in 34 countries and the French overseas departments via the online lifeguard shop, the specialized e-commerce site, Surfshop or Amazon . A first stock of 8,500 products was manufactured in China by the Orléans-based industrialist Altyor, at an ex-factory cost of € 60. ” Secondly, we are thinking of repatriating production to Europe”says Clara Fresnel. The 149 € pack contains the bracelet, the tag and an induction charger and one year of subscription to the device. Each additional year of subscription is offered at a price of 29 €. A great lover of the sea, the designer Philippe Stark wished to join this project on a voluntary basis to begin with, then part of the fees will be donated to the SNSM, once the start-up has found its cruising speed.


The team will go to the CES from January 7 to 10, 2020 with logistical and financial support from La Poste . A capital opening of up to 300,000 euros is planned to strengthen the sales team. ” Our aim at CES is to find potential investors and to build relationships with distributors like Décathlon or Le Vieux Campeur, in France and in Europe as a priority “, book Clara Fresnel. For 2020, the start-up aims to produce 20,000 devices in France, Spain, Italy and Germany . It will also offer an offer to professionals such as boat and windsurf rental companies for example.

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