Huawei: Harmony OS will soon run on more devices

Harmony OS, the operating system known as HongMeng OS in China, was developed as part of the US trade sanctions against Huawei as an Android alternative. Huawei now states that the 2020 operating system will be used in significantly more products.

The operating system was first introduced in August 2019 announced . CEO Richard Yu emphasized that the software was so versatile that it would run on a wide range of devices, from cars to industrial applications to smartphones. Even Android apps should be very easy to customize – but the Ark compiler responsible for them has so far been of little use .

For the time being, however, he may not have to at all: According to a Reuters report , a press spokesman for Huawei said that the in-house operating system will be used in various products in the coming year that will also be delivered internationally. Smartwatches, speakers, VR gadgets and smart TVs are included.

As the group confirmed a few months ago , Harmony OS will not be used for smartphones and tablets in the foreseeable future. According to Wang Chenglu, president of Huawei’s Consumer Business division, the company continues to prefer using Android on its smartphones.

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