Dragon on fire might get wild (Season 2): Why Taiwan’s TSMC must have self-destruct technology

dragon on fire!

What if a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan with the intention of obtaining (however politely!!!) the latest IC manufacturing technology results in the ashes of that technology? Isn’t it strategic to destroy at the right time the American technology used in TSMC making it inaccessible to the Chinese? The answer is ‘Yes’.

TSMC, for Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company, is today the most strategic company in the world. Because it is practically the only one who knows how to manufacture the latest generation electronic chips. Because these chips, also called semiconductors (from the name of the property of the silicon substrate), are everywhere, in our kitchens, our living rooms, our telephones, our cars and the machines that manufacture them.

But also because Taiwan, where they are produced, is at the center of a standoff between China and the United States which could very soon lead to an armed conflict. Fighter planes and battleships criss-cross the sky and the waters of the Taiwan Strait which separates the island from its communist big sister.

With in particular for stake, the control of TSMC. However, the science behind such technology must reside in minds smart enough to know how to control and even sabotage at the right time. It seems that by using this simple strategic technique to destroy such tech by installed right equipments, the Chinese will become more polite and perhaps less savage!

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