With MoceanLab, Hyundai launches car-sharing service in Los Angeles

MoceanLab, Hyundai

To launch its car-sharing vehicle service called Mocean Carshare, Hyundai has moved closer to Frenchman Vulog and its AiMA platform. It is designed to handle different types of vehicles, services and users. A boon for Hyundai, which is already planning to roll out other mobility services in the future.


Hyundai follows suit with many of its competitors. The Korean manufacturer announced Thursday, November 14, 2019 establish an entity dedicated to mobility services that is called MoceanLab. This new entity will launch a first car-sharing service in Los Angeles, USA .


Twenty hybrid Hyundai Ioniq Plug-in vehicles will be available to users by the end of the year on the Mocean Carshare platform. Then Hyundai wants to gradually deploy a fleet of 300 vehicles. The Korean manufacturer has received a permit from the Los Angeles Transportation Department to operate this service.

Hyundai says it chose Los Angeles because of its size, high population density, and significant congestion problems. In order to solve these mobility problems, the city is turning to innovations in this field, whether in terms of micro-mobility or multimodal transport.


MoceanLab has come closer to the French Vulog and its AiMA car-sharing platform. This can be used to deploy a car-sharing service, but also to offer taxi robots or scooters. Right from the start, Vulog designed its platform to handle different types of vehicles, services and users. A boon for MoceanLab who wants to extend its offering far beyond a car-sharing vehicle service in the run-up to the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 2028.

In the long term, Hyundai says it wants to offer mobility solutions that can connect people to public transport hubs using robot taxi systems, autonomous shuttles, multimodal transport and personal mobility. “Hyundai Motor Group will develop an innovative mobility platform and offer various mobility services in Los Angeles,” Kyounglim Yun, executive vice president of Hyundai, said in a statement.


The Korean manufacturer has recently affirmed its ambitions in the field of autonomous vehicles and mobility. Hyundai will invest $ 35 billion by 2025 in the development of autonomous, connected and electric vehicles and technologies around car-sharing.

In September, the Korean announced a joint venture with Aptiv to develop a platform for autonomous vehicles. And a month later, Hyundai launched an on-demand taxi robot driver named BotRide in partnership with Via and Pony.ai.

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