Qualcomm develops a secure chip for Azure Sphere


Azure Sphere, Microsoft’s solution for securing connected objects, is slowly growing. Qualcomm has just announced that it is developing an optimized chip for it. This is the second component provider to join after MediaTek.

The Microsoft Azure Sphere Secure Connected Objects solution has just gained weight ally. Qualcomm announced on October 22 that it is working on a chip designed specifically for this offering. As a reminder, Azure Sphere is a secure IoT solution that relies on a dedicated operating system, an Azure cloud service for updates, and hardware-level security guaranteed by a component certification program.

Connected objects using this technology are therefore much less vulnerable than if they were designed without putting security at the heart of their priority (which is the case for the majority of products on the market). Azure Sphere already knows some success but could only rely on the chips of Chinese MediaTek. Compatibility with a Qualcomm chip is therefore an encouraging development for Microsoft.

Leveraging “by design” security with a turnkey offer could prove to be a winning bet if Microsoft succeeds in demonstrating the superiority of its offering to the manufacturers of objects, the risks of compromise being rather higher than falling, and responsible companies are now exposed to substantial fines as a result of the RGPD.

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