US, star wars like, space force means “we need you the rivals waste money now!”

August 11, 2018 | By Admin | Filed in: AI, Business, Hi-Tech, Tech.

How space force will defeat US rivals including china and Russia? by weapons targeting these lands? oh no! It’s simple, the artificial intelligence tells you how, by waste of money to develop new weapons. Then US can take a breathe during or even after trade war. We remember how the dissolution of the Soviet Union which had financial and economical roots in weapon development and space race with US happened. US space force is a propaganda – similar to the successful star wars project – to force US rivals to waste money on unrealistic expensive technologies and therefore US can defeat them in the real war.

The real war out there is economy war. US imaginary space force is similar to star wars project where Soviet Union developed the highest number of A-bombs by wasting many resource led to its dissolution. We at ICDST by analyzing huge amount of information based on 100 crawlers in news websites and by analyzing the patterns in news titles and texts have detected many signs that show this step by US was not smart enough as many advertisements took place before any announcement in the field or after a need for US to recharge itself globally. This information will be freely available to public.

We predict in upcoming months the US will have some sort of provocative actions to motivate other countries¬† to waste resources on useless projects, wars, and … This is proved when Trump once announced space projects are useless and costly!!! He probably meant it must be for our rivals not ours but he forgot not to announce it in public! This thought was first uncovered by ICDST when we detected many new show offs around this debating topic. In military, the more you keep your weapons and technologies hidden and secret, the more your enemy will fear!

It seems that the governments will face very difficult days as small to large corporations are now using artificial intelligence where they can simply detect their plans. We hope AI means be available to every person to help mankind not to be deviated from the truth.


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