China plans to develop Maglev trains that can reach 600 km / h

China plans to develop high-speed Maglev trains capable of reaching 600 km / h as well as high-speed passenger trains capable of reaching 400 km / h, according to a document released Thursday by the transport ministry.

The move comes as China aims to further develop a robust transportation system, characterized by digital and intelligent technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and 5G, the document said.

The Ministry of Transportation has set a goal of expanding the use of smart trains, smart ships, autonomous vehicles and China’s Beidou satellite navigation system by 2025.

In order to reduce pollutant emissions and save energy, China will deploy solar power generation facilities and ultra-fast electric vehicle chargers at service stations on highways, develop power equipment docked in ports, and will encourage the use of clean bunker fuels such as liquefied natural gas, the document added.

Technological innovation will strengthen China’s power in transportation.┬áRelated information technologies such as AI, 5G and remote sensing satellites will be applied more, the document said.

To achieve this goal, China will diversify its investment channels. In addition to government funding, private capital could also be involved in related projects, according to the document.

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