Huawei and Tencent want to get into cloud gaming

Promising sector or breakout? The cloud gaming , everyone begins to experience. We first had Google Stadia , which is still making a flop with games that are too rare and too expensive and a service not necessarily optimal, and Nvidia Geforce , which sees its titles withdrawn week after week. Then Microsoft’s xCloud , which seems to be doing well . And now, it is the Chinese giants Huawei and Tencent who seem to want to find a place under this (veiled) sun.

But where the initiative is interesting is that it would be common. The two companies are said to be joining forces to create a platform called GameMatrix, according to an article published by the Reuters news agency. Tencent and Huawei have indeed opened a joint innovation laboratory. Huawei would provide processors for servers of this new cloud gaming platform.

The owner of Riot Games, Tencent, which publishes League of Legends in particular and which is a shareholder of Epic Games (Fortnite) will take care of the video game. For the moment, no other info has filtered, but the more the actors, the more the cloud gaming will develop. The video game behemoths, namely Sony and Nintendo, have not yet really invested in a cloud gaming solution, except for PS Now which is ultimately only a streaming service.

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