Microsoft HoloLens 2 will be available in September

Announced before the Mobile World Congress 2019 in March, the highly anticipated HoloLens 2 augmented reality headset from Microsoft will be available in September.


We already knew his price, 3500 dollars. According to Reuters , developers and companies interested in the Microsoft HoloLens 2 headset will be able to pay this amount as early as September to acquire it. Harry Shum, Executive Vice President of Microsoft, said at the World Conference on Artificial Intelligence (WAIC) in Shanghai, without specifying the day of the official release of the augmented reality headset . If the territories concerned have not been specified, France should be among the first served.


Presented at the Mobile World Congress 2019 , the second version of the helmet of the American giant was very well received by the trade press. The Digital Factory was able to test four use cases that showed the profound improvements made by Microsoft compared to the first version, launched in 2015.

However, we had some reservations about the display quality of this new HoloLens. Several Microsoft spokespersons told L’Usine Digitale that these problems would be resolved in the final version of the device. HoloLens 2 is now one of the most advanced augmented reality headsets on the market, with the closest competitor being the Magic Leap One.


This is the second edition of WAIC, which will end on August 31, 2019, and this year’s theme is ” Intelligent Connectivity, Infinite Possibilities “. The event brings together 300 companies presenting their latest technologies in artificial intelligence, including Tencent, IBM , Microsoft, Fosun International and CloudMinds.

Other highly anticipated presentations include the first artificial intelligence assistant for human beings in space (Crew Interactive Mobile Companion or CIMON, or CloudMinds’ XR-1 robot Jack Ma (Alibaba), Elon Musk (Tesla) or Swami Sivasubramanian (AWS) will also intervene.

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