Better range, more capacity, higher speeds … What are the benefits of WiFi 6?

While 5G monopolizes the news, a new standard WiFi is also preparing to see the day. WiFi 6 should allow connections to gain throughput, but also in range. This standard will also respond to the multiplication of connected objects via a better capacity. “A small revolution”, according to Cisco, which brings its lighting to the Digital Factory.


On June 20, 2019, WiFi celebrated its twenty years on the occasion of a dedicated world day. This wireless communication technology has gradually been installed in our daily lives … to the point of becoming indispensable. Like other standards, it has evolved to adapt to uses. This year, the launch of a new standard, WiFi 6, should address a range of issues related to connected objects and the digital transformation of the industry.


Today, no less than 30 billion devices would be WiFi certified. The goal of this sixth generation of technology? Give it a youthful performance, so that compatible terminals are more efficient – and, therefore, even more numerous. The WiFi 6 will continue to exploit the radio frequencies of 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz, but will also support that of 6 Ghz. It should reach theoretical speeds of 10 Gb / s … but especially to connect up to “four times more devices than the previous generation” – or 60 terminals at the same time. Specifications that make it an ideal technology at home time or connected factory.

Cisco also intends to remedy “digital deserts”. These often remote areas have no means of connecting to the Internet. A situation that the American giant wants to remedy through a constellation of nano-satellites. “This is a continuation of our desire to create total coverage, it may be tempting to focus on 5G as it is promising, but it is important to keep a global technology vision , ” says the director of innovation. This innovative project could be launched in 2023. The 5G should, it, reach the current maturity 2021. “WiFi 6 is now,” smiles Guillaume Sauvage of Saint-Marc.


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