To understand everything about the mirage of the blockchain

The blockchain, technology of secure exchange of information, remains mysterious. Convinced that it will revolutionize finance, experts want to boost its performance. Here is what you need to know about this tool.


The same word on all lips, used in all sauces. Inescapable in start-ups looking for funding. Advised companies that dream of innovative. The blockchain (or chain of blocks) is the technology that everyone has been talking about for almost four years. And yet, it remains unknown: according to a recent survey conducted in 11 countries, 80% of respondents have no idea what it is.

It is a tool for exchange and storage of information. It is necessary to imagine a giant register installed in public place. Everyone can enter transactions. But the technology guarantees that they will not be modified or erased. Since this is a public register, anyone can consult it and check the data on it: the operation took place, so-and-so was the origin, and so on. There is therefore no need for third authority to control or validate the exchanges. These can be done directly, from individual to individual, without intermediary (bank, state, corporation, etc.). The ambition is to build a global trading mechanism where trust in each transaction will be guaranteed. All free and royalty free.


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