US is trying to convince UK of Huawei risks

The United States believes that the Chinese telecom giant is “too close” to the Chinese government , and it is therefore difficult to trust the company in the middle of a trade war between Beijing and Washington.¬†They are trying to convince their Western allies to exclude the Chinese equipment manufacturer from the deployment of 5G on their soil.


The government of Prime Minister Theresa May – who will resign on June 7 after failing to implement Brexit – pointed out that no decision has yet been made on Huawei’s involvement in the development of the network. 5G in Great Britain.

President Trump will visit the United Kingdom from June 3 to 5 for a state visit where he will be Queen Elizabeth II’s guest and will also meet with Theresa May.

He will also attend a ceremony in Portsmouth, southern England, for the 75th anniversary of the Allied landings on June 6, 1944, before traveling to Normandy, France, for another commemorative ceremony.

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