Why should China pay for a trade war that US escalated?

September 14, 2018 | By Admin | Filed in: Business.

China and US approached more on Thursday to restarting trade-war talks, in a hopeful sign that the rapid growth of their trade war can be decelerated or even stopped. Nevertheless, it was uncertain either side was eager to suggest adequate concessions to end the clash.


The Chinese administration said on Thursday that it had been asked by the US to hold trade discussions and welcomed Washington’s positive signal. However, in the recent negotiations between US and Iran, North Korea, Russia and even China, there were many signs of disloyalty.

Gao Feng of China’s Ministry of Commerce said in a meeting that China had received the request and the two sides were deliberating on the fact sheets firstly.

The US administration had on Wednesday anticipated a new round of trade talks with Beijing intended at stopping additional increase in the trade war tariffs that triggered by US in the first place in July.
US Steven Mnuchin has asked Liu He an economic adviser to meet with US officials to stopped a trade war that US is responsible for.

US invites China for negotiations exactly after comments by Trump that “we are not under any pressure from China” and after many warnings of companies like Apple asserting that the trade war is increasing prices. This invitation therefore can’t be trusted by Chinese officials.
Mnuchin said the next day – in a move to show Chinese tariffs have little influence on US economy – that talk with China is now only the last priority and the least importance of all talks for us after north America (including Mexico and Canada) and EU talks.

As Trump has started to run in a path that gives him little chance to turn back, it seems that these talks are also doomed to fail.

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