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Authors may submit content to be indexed on this site using the form below. The crawler collects and indexes papers that are freely and publicly available and accessible. You can also set restrictions on crawler to stop collecting papers in some folders in your site using robots.txt file rules. Then files can be searched from this page. Since we receive large volumes of hosting requests, it takes some time for the admin to review and approve the papers before they are available online.

Open-Access Journals, Publishers, and Archives

All publications are invited to set their robots.txt files compatible with our ip address and give sufficient permissions for crawlers to add and archive their papers on this site. So you can add a URL that gives a direct link to all your journal articles, links that are not changeable, meaning that future states of such links are persistent.

File Format

PDF: At present, the best file format for our repository is Portable Document Format, which is readable on various platforms and can be easily indexed by robots available on the Internet, so users are encouraged to use this type of file format for their papers posted on this site.

File Removal & Update

Take down notice: If the copyright of a file is violated, please send the link of the file to info[at]icdst.org so that it can be removed to prevent copyright infringement. Preferably use one of the emails mentioned in the document to send us your message so that we can identify you as the rightful owner. We aim to have such requests processed usually within 24 hours.

Update: Replace an old version of a file with a new one by sending us an alternate version along with the URL address of the primary file.

File removal: We regularly perform automatic removal of files that violate ICDST rules. These files are usually spam, inappropriate content, copyrighted material, or files that contain certain keywords, such as hate speech, violent or dehumanizing language, expressions of inferiority and contempt, disgust, rejection, curses and calls for exclusion, segregation, racist words, offensive language, obscenities, or keywords that have been suggested by our users and reported to us via email. You can also contribute to the safety of this library by reporting individual files that have come to your attention and that you consider inappropriate.

Duplicate files: Files with the same content (duplicated) are deleted using an automated program.

Support ICDST Repository: If you use this service and would like to see it improved, please consider supporting it with your donations!

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