Microsoft: The acquisition of GitHub is official

Microsoft for-profit giant is preparing to buy the open source GitHub hosting and software management platform at amount which exceed $ 2 billion. May be it’s what Google had to do but ignored!

Microsoft is preparing to buy the GitHub hosting and software management service. The service is used by developers to host or share source code. The information was first unveiled on the Business Insider website late last week evoking ongoing discussions on a possible buyback. According to the Bloomberg news agency, the announcement could even be made this Monday, June 4th.


Microsoft to buy GitHub open source software sharing platform.

The online service is well known to anyone interested in programming. Designed 10 years ago, it is now used by millions of developers around the world. In recent years, Microsoft has not stopped praising this little nugget of open source. Satya Nadella, the new CEO of the US firm has repeatedly said his love of open source, Microsoft is also the first contributor on the GitHub platform.

The latter has 24 million users for 84 million source code repositories in JavaScript, C++, Python and a valuation of about $ 2 billion, however it is likely that the acquisition price will fly to new heights … Over the years, GitHub has become a must for developers, getting their hands on this company would be a strong signal sent to the competition.

Now that the difference is no longer really hardware, the giants of high-tech invest heavily in software and especially artificial intelligence. In the world of mobility for example, no smartphone is announced without it has a layer of AI for camera management, task analysis or understanding of natural language. The acquisition of GitHub would allow Microsoft to position itself in this highly strategic area.