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Hard work for China to fit in trade war against US

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China is to impose tariffs on an extra $60bn of imports from the US in retaliation against $200bn of new trade sanctions on Chinese products declared by Donald Trump. The newest moves denote a new stage in a full-scale trade war among the world’s two major economies. More escalation is considered probable since Trump is • Read More »

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China and EU powers battering US economy making life more difficult for Americans

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American cities and towns are witnessing the progress in their tax gatherings slow, telling local administration gains from economic expansion are lessening even as they face burden to pay more on salaries, incomes and infrastructures. China pressure on US is working and therefore the US under this circumstances is asking China to renegotiate on trade • Read More »

US, star wars like, space force means “we need you the rivals waste money now!”

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How space force will defeat US rivals including china and Russia? by weapons targeting these lands? oh no! It’s simple, the artificial intelligence tells you how, by waste of money to develop new weapons. Then US can take a breathe during or even after trade war. We remember how the dissolution of the Soviet Union • Read More »

How trade war is hurting China?

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US President on Saturday defended his strategy to increase tariffs on $ 200 billion of imports from China, arguing that these procedures “work much better than anyone had expected.” This is done after some responses from China and US/EU zero tariff alliance. “Customs duties have a huge positive impact on our steel industry,” he declared • Read More »

India will be greater in world economy

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The rapidly diversifying Indian economy will be the most dynamic in the world, ahead of China now that it’s involved in trade war with US in the 2020s, according to latest research. India will be the base of the economic heart of global growth over the next decade, ahead of China, according to latest research. • Read More »